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Tahser Screw Compressors
TAHSER Screw Compressor Units

  • PLC based controller, graphical operation&display panel.
  • All settings can be done via operation&display panel. No mechanical settings.
  • Real time clock based trouble monitoring and recording ability.
  • Remote control and monitoring via modem (optional).
  • Spin-on separators. Up to 4000 hours separator life.
  • Automatic belt tensioning system.
  • Very low noise and vibration levels while running.
  • High quality cooler and fan.
  • Simple, less and standard spare parts.
  • High productivity, low electric consumption.
  • Full dismountable, easy reach, esthetics frame and enclosure.
  • Safe designed construction.
  • Service easiness.
  • Advantages of after sale services based on Tahser’s service experiences.
  • Warranty advantage.
Tahser Screw Compressors
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